Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Lauryn's Post: My current obsession...ARM CANDY!!

 Some of you have maybe heard of this trend. I have known about if for a while, and I am in LOVE! If you don't know what "arm candy" is, it's basically a arm full of bracelets. I don't have much bracelets, but I am starting a collection. Great places to get some arm candy for a good prices are Forever 21, H&M, etsy, and jewel mint. 

Here are some pictures of some Arm Candy combinations with some of the bracelets I have:

Where these bracelets are from:

White pyramid: Forever 21, Blue pyramid: Forever 21, Black Studded: I made, Gold Beads: H&M, Pearl: Forever 21, Watch: Nordstrom, Sweet: BCBG, Pink and gold heart: Juicy Couture, Pink and Gold Beads: H&M