Sunday, April 22, 2012

Lauryn's Post: New stuff!

So I got this wallet at Urban Outfitters yesterday for only $20. I already have a wallet, but I wanted a new one, since I got a new purse.

I love all the little compartments this wallet has. It's so cute!

Here's a full inside view.
And the next and last item I got, is this Marc by Marc Jacobs bag in "hazelnut". 

I am literally obsessed with this bag! It is my dream purse.

Here is where you can buy these items!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Lauryn's Post: My current obsession...ARM CANDY!!

 Some of you have maybe heard of this trend. I have known about if for a while, and I am in LOVE! If you don't know what "arm candy" is, it's basically a arm full of bracelets. I don't have much bracelets, but I am starting a collection. Great places to get some arm candy for a good prices are Forever 21, H&M, etsy, and jewel mint. 

Here are some pictures of some Arm Candy combinations with some of the bracelets I have:

Where these bracelets are from:

White pyramid: Forever 21, Blue pyramid: Forever 21, Black Studded: I made, Gold Beads: H&M, Pearl: Forever 21, Watch: Nordstrom, Sweet: BCBG, Pink and gold heart: Juicy Couture, Pink and Gold Beads: H&M

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lauryn's Post: Nail CRAZY!

 So this past night I wanted to paint my nails. I felt like going for something that looks crazy so I chose hot pink with a glitter accent nail. 
I liked my nails so much I thought I'd share with my fellow viewers:)

Have a GREAT night! xoxo

Monday, February 20, 2012

Lauryn's Post: 10 Things That Are Currently Making Me Happy

I saw someone do this on their blog recently, I forgot the blog name though:(. But I will research it and hopefully find it!:) So I thought this would be fun to tell you 10 Things That Are Currently Making Me Happy:). 

1. TOP BUNS: I FINALLY can do top buns! I've always tried to, but I could never get it quite right. But now I'm always wearing my hair up in a bun and I love it!

2. MY NAILS: I just painted them recently and I love they way they tuned out. I can't stop looking at them!:)

3. SPRINKLE'S CUPCAKES: I am obsessed. I know these aren't the "best" for you...but they are seriously the best things ever. Nuff said. 

4. THIS PICTURE: This is my kitty Beary. I took this when she was just randomly closing her eyes. I think the sun was in her eyes..haha I don't know but whenever 
I look at this picture it makes me smile:). 

5. NO SCHOOL: Since it's "President's Week, I have no school for the whole week! Score! I think that's making everyone at my school happy as well.:)

6. MY NEW GLASSES: I got these last week and I love them! They are by Penguin and I like the shape of them and they are SO much better then ,y other ones now that the prescription is updated. 

7. THIS PILLOW: My dad got this pillow for my sister and I as a present for Valentine's Day. It's from Kitson and it's amazing.

8. HEARTBEAT BY THE FRAY: The Fray recently came out with their new album. And as much as  much as I like all the other songs on this album, this song has to be my favorite. I've been listening to it 24/7. haha.

9. MY "L" RING: I got this ring from Urban Outfitters and I wear it everyday. It;s so cute!

10. DRAWING: Drawing always makes me happy, but lately I've been drawing a lot more than usual. I'm practicing to make perfect:).

Have a lovely week! xoxo

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lauryn's Post: OOTD Valentine's Day! 2/14/12

Happy Valentines Day! I guess my outfit is pretty "Valentines-day-y". I'm wearing my new polka dot top with my jeans. 
For accessories, I'm wearing my pink and gold bracelets and my new "L" ring from Urban Outfitters. And my festive pink nails polish "Be a Delilah won't you?" by OPI.

    And I'm waring my pink belt to add some more pink to my outfit. :)
I'm wearing my Docs. "Surprise surprise".

Have a lovely Valentine's Day! xoxo<3