Monday, February 20, 2012

Lauryn's Post: 10 Things That Are Currently Making Me Happy

I saw someone do this on their blog recently, I forgot the blog name though:(. But I will research it and hopefully find it!:) So I thought this would be fun to tell you 10 Things That Are Currently Making Me Happy:). 

1. TOP BUNS: I FINALLY can do top buns! I've always tried to, but I could never get it quite right. But now I'm always wearing my hair up in a bun and I love it!

2. MY NAILS: I just painted them recently and I love they way they tuned out. I can't stop looking at them!:)

3. SPRINKLE'S CUPCAKES: I am obsessed. I know these aren't the "best" for you...but they are seriously the best things ever. Nuff said. 

4. THIS PICTURE: This is my kitty Beary. I took this when she was just randomly closing her eyes. I think the sun was in her eyes..haha I don't know but whenever 
I look at this picture it makes me smile:). 

5. NO SCHOOL: Since it's "President's Week, I have no school for the whole week! Score! I think that's making everyone at my school happy as well.:)

6. MY NEW GLASSES: I got these last week and I love them! They are by Penguin and I like the shape of them and they are SO much better then ,y other ones now that the prescription is updated. 

7. THIS PILLOW: My dad got this pillow for my sister and I as a present for Valentine's Day. It's from Kitson and it's amazing.

8. HEARTBEAT BY THE FRAY: The Fray recently came out with their new album. And as much as  much as I like all the other songs on this album, this song has to be my favorite. I've been listening to it 24/7. haha.

9. MY "L" RING: I got this ring from Urban Outfitters and I wear it everyday. It;s so cute!

10. DRAWING: Drawing always makes me happy, but lately I've been drawing a lot more than usual. I'm practicing to make perfect:).

Have a lovely week! xoxo