Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Lauryn's Post: 10 Things I Love Red and Pink Edition

 Valentines Day is approaching, so I thought what better way to spread the love then by posting 10 Pink and Red things I Love? This post is inspired by elsiecake's (a beautiful mess) "10 Things I Love". Hope you enjoy!

1. My first "love" is this OPI nail polish in "Pink Flamenco". I love these types of pinks and to me, this nail polish says "Valentines Day"!
2. I've been eyeing this bag from Modcloth for quite a while now. It's so adorable and this would complete a Valentine's Day outfit. 
3. Oh my gosh! This bag is the cutest thing I've ever seen! I think I'm going to have to buy it...it's from Modcloth as well and hearts basically equals V-Day!
4. You probably saw these shoes in Taylor's shoe post, and yes I am going to order them off Modcloth once they get restocked. They are so adorable at such a good price I can't resist!
5. Doc Martens are probably my favorite shoes. They are so cute and can add an edge to any outfit. These hot pink Docs would go great with a girly dress!

6. So lately I've been obsessing over florals, and this dress just about made me more obsessed! I have been finding the cutest stuff at Modcloth! They're the reason I'm broke! haha

7. This floral cropped shirt is so fun and playful. I love all the bright colors and it would defiantly make the person wearing it stand out.
8. When I first saw this shirt, I thought "ehh". But then I looked at it closely and fell in love! I love cutesy tanks like this! It's from Anthropology and would look great during the Valentine's Day season!
9. These pants from Kate Spade are exactly what I've been looking for. I love bright colored jeans, to me they add a pop of color and are so fun and cute!
10. I found simaler jeans at Forever 21 and they are still so cute! Don't feel like dressing up for V-Day? Just wear these!

Have a lovely Valentine's Day! XOXO